our data, your super power!

Our superpower is the knowledge and experts' experience but also unique technologies.

who we are?

We are a platform that increases the effectiveness of advertising activities, which is based on the knowledge of users in the offline and online world. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions and the highest quality products and services to increase the sales of our customers. We attract new consumers, measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and provide unique market knowledge.Our data and knowledge about consumers can be leveraged everywhere our clients need it, in programmatic, social, DOOH or analytics - you name it.

our history


creating an engaging communication channel based on Wi-Fi network


KOALAMETRICS — the acquisition with Koalametrics allowed us to analyze offline behavior and create the first Drive2Store Reports


the acquisition of the largest DMP in Poland allowed us to replenish the knowledge of users in the online world


we started developing JustID as a system for user identification


today we are creating the largest data-as-a-service platform in the CEE region

Our advantage

DMP leader in Poland

The largest data provider in Poland

trusted partner

First choice among the best media agencies in ROPO reports

unique technology

We have created the first alternative system for user identification in Poland


We deliver over 40 million highly profiled and unique users per day

the best experts on the market

We are a team of ambitious, committed and passionate specialists in marketing, technology and data science

what are your superpowers?

Join a group of professionals full of humour, passion and initiative.

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