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We provide unique solutions for brands, agencies and publishers

solutions for marketers and agencies

increase the effectiveness of advertising

Thanks to our technologies and partners, we own of the largest set of user knowledge in the CEE region. We collect information about online and offline behavior and enable easy use of these informations. When creating our products, we have one goal in mind: to increase sales for our customers.

Ready for a world without 3rd party cookies

We invented JustID - an alternative user identification system in a world without 3rd party cookies. It will help you to reach precisely defined groups of users that you care about. Moreover, it guarantees full protection of consumer privacy.

Key brands and media agencies

We prepare tailor-made solutions for marketers, media planners and programmatic departments. We are flexible and adaptable to the channels and platforms you use.

data products

We are the largest DMP platform in CEE region. We provide data segments with high quality and precision tailored to your individual needs.

analytical products

Based on unique data on user behaviour in both online and offline areas, we prepare advanced Drive2Store Reports. They will help you learn the habits of your customers and competitors to plan your next advertising activities even more effectively.

advertising products

Need full support? We've got something for you! We plan and implement micro-targeted digital campaigns based on our unique data. All so that communication reaches the right audience.

why justtag group?


Millions of profiled cookies per day


We provide a privacy-friendly environment

tailor-made segments

We deliver customer segments based on your guidelines


We will issue segments directly to your DSP account


You will receive unique data without using third-party cookies

solutions for publishers

Monetize your data with us

We work with the largest publishers, including horizontal portals and price comparators, as well as key mobile applications. We monetize both online and offline data. You can rely on our transparency of the settlement model.

Our answer to the post cookies world.

Our proprietary JustID system for user identification enriches your data with unique knowledge that does not require the use of third-party cookies.

we like simple solutions

We will create a dedicated DMP user segmentation or integrate it with the one you are currently using.

why justtag group?

We are the leader

We own the largest in Poland DMP platform for programming activities

Innovative technologies

We invented JustID Graph - an alternative identification system that enables effective advertising activities without the use of third party cookies.

Builded on trust

We are a trusted partner for over 200 data providers

Safety care

We provide the highest degree of protection of your privacy

Online scale

40 million profiled cookies based on online activity 900+ segments used monthly by customers

Offline scale

3.2 million monthly users reporting to our database 50 thousand analysed locations (POIs)

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