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Data on request

We create the largest DMP data platform for programmatic and analytical activities in the CEE region, which profiles users based on their online and offline behaviour. We work with the largest publishers, including horizontal portals, price comparisons and mobile apps.

standard segments

In our database, there are more than 400 segments divided into data types and categories, which we share “at hand” on the following platforms: ADFORM, DV360, XANDR, SMART

custom segments

We create dedicated segments for the most demanding customers. Thanks to the use of our machine learning algorithms, segments are created that provide specific results and the expected range.

Segments based on JustID

Thanks to JustID Graph, we create segments based on the 1st party cookies, which allows us to reach unique groups of consumers.

Wide range of categories







finance & business


home & garden




real estate


tourism & holidays


Our advantages


900+ segments in use 40 million profiled devices per day


GDPR compliance

Speed of operation

standard segments are issued "at hand"

JustID Graph

we deliver prepared data without the use of third-party cookies

reliable partner

We provide data for programming campaigns for the largest brands and key agencies

Top-quality assurance confirmed by:

Google 3rd party Ad technology Provider Certification

Publicis Verified Standard EMEA partner status

Interactive Advertising Bureau Polska

Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe


Our Drive2Store Reports help you understand consumer behaviour

Check if and to what extent your advertising activities have affected the number of visitors to offline establishments. Using data from various sources, we deliver a high-class analytical DriveStore Report, Drive2 Store, which shows the conversion between seeing an online ad and visiting a stationary store.

Even more knowledge about the users

The additional profiling service allows us to supplement your first-party data with the user's knowledge from our DMP. Use the power of our algorithms and multidimensional data, and we will tailor solutions to your individual needs and your system. We ensure the highest level of security of data storage and transmission.

Dedicated DMP platform for data management

Do you need segmentation of your users, the ability to create segments and integration with external platforms? We will build a platform for your needs, add knowledge about your users and enable you to activate your data.

Why Justtag Group?

online and offline

The JustID Graph will help combine identifiers from multiple sources

we work with the best

We cooperate with the biggest brands and media houses

we are here for you

We deliver tailor-made solutions: reports from your activities, additional profiling or creating your own platform


We adapt to the system you currently use


40 million profiled devices per day 50 thousand analysed locations


we create effective campaigns

If you need comprehensive support, we have an offer for you. We plan and implement microtargeted digital campaigns based on our unique data. We reach very specific user groups through Google Display & Video 360 and Adform. All so that the communication reaches the right audience, and the campaign brings the highest possible effectiveness.