our data, your super power!

We know all about the bevaviour of users in the online and offline world

audience solutions - technology that allows to better understand the online behaviour of users

We create Poland's largest data management platform (DMP) for programmatic and analytical activities that profiles users based on their online behaviour. Daily profiling of users and full control over the collected data ensures the relevance and guarantee of always valuable data.

How do we collect data?

The user visits the website and the product of interest

We collect detailed data for our DMP

(e.g. Product: car make and model, body type, fuel, category, price, location)

The user is added to the appropriate behavioural segment in our database

Wide range of categories







finance & business


home & garden




real estate


tourism & holidays


why audience solutions?

  • We value your time — standard segments delivered "at hand"
  • 40 million users profiled per day
  • we have full control over the collected data, so it is always up-to-date and valuable

we create a precise offline user profile

Thanks to our proprietary technology, integrated with popular mobile applications, we accurately analyse the location of smartphone users based on nearby Wi-Fi networks. All it takes is for the consumer to be within its range so that we register a visit to a particular location. In an anonymous and GDPR-compliant way, we identify users' behaviour in the offline world.

the highest precision

Our proprietary Wi-Fi signal strength analysis enables users to obtain micro-location with much greater precision than GPS or BTS location data. We know not only which shopping centre is the consumer located in, but also which store he visits.

where do the data come from?

install our technology in partner applications on Android OS in a manner compliant with GDPR.

analyse Wi-Fi networks in the client's environment and their parameters.

automatically segment data — build offline profiles of customers or mark their place of residence.

why koalametrics

  • high precision based on micro-location
  • the ability to create an offline consumer profile
  • 3.2 million monthly users reporting to our database
  • reliable data sources

our solution to the post cookies world

On the internet without third-party cookies, user identification plays a key role. Our answer to this problem is the original JustID Graph identification system based on knowledge about users from multiple sources. It includes cross-device and cross-domain user identification, all without the use of third-party cookies. Thanks to this, we are able to recognize the same user in many places on the internet and match content suitable for him.

unique consumer knowledge

The online and offline world has never been so close. With JustID, we are able to create user segments and examine their behaviour in both the online and the offline world. This gives us the possibility of new user identification, creation of detailed reports and retargeting in the post cookies world.

JustID Graph — modern user identification system

  • email
  • mobile cookies
  • mobile advertising ids
  • cohorts
  • desktop cookies
  • demography
  • income data
  • location
  • interests
  • workplace
  • offline visits
  • purchase intentions

why JustID?

  • We create a user profile based on their online and offline behaviour
  • We enable long-range targeting of user behaviour in the offline world
  • We provide the highest behavioural probability
  • We take care of the highest level of user safety in accordance with the GDPR